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Deepen your knowledge and understanding of your TallyAge™.


You received your first TallyAge, how should you interpret your result?

This is just the beginning of taking charge of your aging. If the result isn’t what you were expecting, there’s no need to fret. What is most important is how your biological age changes over time. Just like any other test or measurement, fluctuation

How do customized Action Plans work?

When a member fills out the Tally Health Lifestyle Survey, they get a score out of 100. Tally Health then uses a proprietary algorithm in conjunction with a user’s DNA methylation profile to figure out which lifestyle factors to prioritize. By using

My TallyAge™ is younger than my chronological age. Is that good?

It all depends on your personal goal and starting point. While it’s always nice to see a negative number (signaling that your body is younger than your chronological age), what’s most important is how your personal TallyAge™ changes over time. The go

How long does it take to change my epigenetic age?

Based on published clinical trials, we know that epigenetic age can be changed in just a few months. The extent of change and the duration required to observe an effect likely differ from intervention to intervention (e.g., doing more cardio each wee

How does TallyAge™ differ from other tests?

While there are many ways to estimate biological age - such as by tracking movement or measuring clinical markers in blood - tests based on DNA methylation are thought to represent the gold standard. Compared to other DNA methylation tests, which are

How was the TallyAge™ test built?

Using an exceptionally large and diverse dataset spanning a wide age range, a machine learning model was used to identify DNA methylation sites that both correlate with holistic lifestyle factors - such as diet, exercise, sleep, alcohol, and smoking

What does it mean if your TallyAge™ is the same as your chronological age?

This means that your DNA methylation profile most closely resembles someone that is your chronological age. While one way to interpret this is that you are biologically aging as expected, this may also indicate that could reduce your biological age f

On a group-level, which interventions in the Lifestyle Survey are higher-impact when it comes to TallyAge?

The highest-impact factors - meaning that they correlate with the biggest changes in TallyAge on a group-level - are how much of your diet is plant-based, daily vegetable intake, weekly cardiovascular exercise, overall sleep quality, daily soft drink