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Contextualizing Your Results

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of your TallyAge™.

You received your first TallyAge™, how should you interpret your result?

Congratulations! This is just the beginning of taking charge of your aging. Think of your TallyAge™ as an indicator of your biological age — it’s a changeable metric that can reflect different health and lifestyle habits and is influenced by various

TallyAge™ not what you were expecting?

Not to worry! What is most important is how your TallyAge™ age changes over time. Just like any other test or measurement, fluctuations are to be expected. However, over time and with multiple tests, an overall trend may emerge that provides insight

TallyAge™ younger than your chronological age?

You’re off to a great start! While it’s always nice to see a negative number (signaling that you are epigenetically younger than your chronological age), what’s most important is how your personal TallyAge™ changes over time. Your Action Plan will pr

What does it mean if your TallyAge™ is the same as your chronological age?

Because we trained our TallyAge™ test on a uniquely healthy and longevity-conscious cohort, this would indicate that your DNA methylation profile is similar to healthy people of the same chronological age.

My TallyAge™ score fluctuated since my last test, what should I make of my result?

Seeing a big or unexpected change in your TallyAge™ from one test to the next? Not to worry — your TallyAge™ test results may fluctuate due to various factors. Temporary events like a respiratory infection or a life change that causes stress (e.g., m

How long does it take to change my epigenetic age?

Based on published clinical trials looking at populations, we know that epigenetic age is modifiable. Due to the variability in the test, we recommend at least five to nine tests to see  a more reliable trend. The extent of change and the duration re

How do customized Action Plans work?

When you fill out the Tally Health Lifestyle Survey, you will receive a score out of 100. Tally Health then uses a proprietary algorithm, in conjunction with your DNA methylation profile and Lifestyle Survey, to determine which lifestyle factors to p

Which interventions impact your TallyAge™ the most?

Different interventions can have varying degrees of impact on each person. In general, our scientists have observed that the following are the most closely associated with TallyAge™ scores:. How much of your diet is plant-based. Body mass index (BMI)

Could stress impact my TallyAge™?

Yes, different types of stress, such as surgery, pregnancy, and infections, may temporarily increase epigenetic age. However, the good news is that this effect can be reversed. Want to learn more? Click here to read a recently published article on ep

What do my DNA methylation signals mean?

Aging is an incredibly complex, personal journey that differs from person to person, tissue to tissue, and cell to cell.  We can take advantage of complex patterns in the data to develop an accurate aging clock that is also sensitive to lifestyle fac

Are there limitations to the TallyAge™ Test?

While the TallyAge™ test represents the state-of-the-art in buccal (cheek swab) epigenetic testing, like any test or diagnostic, it has certain limitations that should be kept in mind:. Aging biology is an incredibly complex science, and there are mu