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Everything you want to know about our daily cellular performance booster.

What is Amplify?

Amplify contains a powerful blend of glycine, berberine, and urolithin A, which have collectively been shown to promote autophagy, activate AMPK, and improve mitochondrial function. These ingredients target established hallmarks of aging and have bee

When should I take Amplify?

We recommend taking Amplify with food. If you are planning on partial fasting (only eating at certain times of day), plan to take Amplify with food during your eating periods. If you plan on complete fasting (no food intake for a day or more), do not

Can you provide evidence that each Amplify ingredient extends lifespan and/or improves healthspan in animal models?

Berberine: activates the pro-longevity AMPK signaling pathway, an essential energy sensor used by our cells. Several studies have shown berberine lowers blood sugar, augments insulin secretion, and improves metabolic health in humans. Berberine is on

Why does Amplify contain magnesium stearate?

Magnesium stearate is a commonly used additive in dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals that serves as a lubricant and anti-adherent. It is often used in very small amounts, typically less than 1% of the formulation, to improve capsule consistency

Should I take Amplify while pregnant, trying to conceive, or nursing?

We don’t recommend taking Amplify while pregnant, trying to conceive, or nursing. Please consult your physician if you have questions about what supplements are safe to take during pregnancy, if you are trying to conceive, or nursing.

Can your provide your Supplement Facts Panel?

Certainly! Please see the Supplement Facts Panel below:.

What's the difference between Vitality and Amplify?

While both Vitality and Amplify are helpful for aging and longevity, they are different in terms of their benefits. You can learn more about the benefits of each here, but to put it simply, Vitality is our hero longevity supplement that was formulate