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Deep dive into the groundbreaking science behind Tally Health.

What is biological age?

While chronological age measures how long we’ve been alive, biological age is the age of the cells and tissues in our body. Studies suggest that biological age is a better indicator of lifespan and our risk of developing age-related diseases. The goo

Where can I learn more about biological age?

Tally Health’s first paper summarizes published evidence for lifestyle interventions and factors that are linked to a younger biological age. The paper can be found here.

What is DNA Methylation?

DNA methylation is a biological process that occurs when a molecule known as a methyl group is added to regions of the DNA known as CpG sites. Specific CpG sites are DNA-methylated regions known to promote gene expression and be robust predictors of

Does Tally Health have any scientific papers I can review?

We don’t use the term “science-backed” lightly. We offer only solutions that are rooted in credible scientific data. Interested in our research? Take a look at our published open-access papers: