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Deep dive into the groundbreaking science behind Tally Health.

What is epigenetic age?

While chronological age measures how long we’ve been alive, epigenetic age is an indicator of cellular aging within the body. Studies suggest that epigenetic age can be a better indicator than chronological age when it comes to predicting the risk of

Where can I learn more about my epigenetic age?

Tally Health’s TallyAgeTM epigenetic test based on the company’s original CheekAge clock is published here. Tally Health previously summarized published evidence for lifestyle interventions and factors that are linked to a more youthful molecular pro

What’s the difference between biological age and epigenetic age?

Biological age is an abstract, intuitive concept that describes how someone is aging internally, externally, and functionally. It explains why people age differently and why one person can seem more youthful than others of the same chronological age.

What is DNA Methylation?

DNA methylation is a biological process that occurs when a molecule known as a methyl group is added to regions of the DNA known as CpG sites. DNA methylation is one of many epigenetic processes that can be used to regulate the expression (activity)

Does Tally Health have any scientific papers I can review?

We don’t use the term “science-backed” lightly. We offer solutions that are rooted in credible scientific data. Interested in our research? Take a look at our published open-access papers:. Johnson AA, English BW, Shokhirev MN, Sinclair DA, Cuellar T