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Purchasing & Shipping Logistics

More of "how it works" -- in terms of the logistics.

Can I buy a TallyAge™ test without a membership?

Yes, you can order a single TallyAge™ Test to learn your epigenetic age without the additional benefits included in our subscription packages (including personalized Action Plans and check-ins). A single TallyAge™ Test costs $249 and can be purchased

Do I need to pay for shipping to send my sample back to Tally?

We provide free shipping! Your test kit includes a prepaid return shipping label, so you won’t have to pay.

Is it okay if I give my test to someone else?

Each membership experience is unique and involves tracking changes over time and across multiple tests, so having someone else associated with your account may disrupt your experience, including possibly delaying and/or affecting your result and cust

Can I purchase a test for someone else?

Yes!  We are thrilled that you would like to share the gift of Tally Health.  Please reach out to Tally's Customer Success team after you purchase a TallyAge™ test for someone else, so that we can establish their account information before s/he regis