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What does a Tally Health Membership include?Updated 3 months ago

TallyAge™ Tests

We'll send you a TallyAge™ test every six months to measure your progress. Simply swab your cheek and drop the test in your mailbox. Our lab team will take care of the rest. Our TallyAge™ metric, developed from the world's most comprehensive data set of adult cheek cell DNA methylation, gives an accurate measure of your epigenetic age. Approximately 4-6 weeks after submitting your sample, you’ll receive your TallyAge™ via email.

Personalized Recommendations

Once you have your TallyAge™, you can unlock a personalized Action Plan detailing the high-impact changes you can make to your lifestyle and daily habits to slow aging. Your Action Plan is generated using information from your TallyAge™ Test and your responses to the Lifestyle Survey. Each recommendation is backed by efficacy data from groundbreaking research. All of this content is accessible via Tally Health's intuitive digital platform.

Vitality, Daily Foundational Longevity Supplement

Each month, you'll receive a 30-day supply of our daily foundational longevity supplement. Backed by longevity experts, this proprietary, science-backed blend is designed to boost your body's cellular defense against the hallmarks of aging. 

Discounts on Additional Longevity Supplements

As a member, you’ll also receive 15% off any add-on supplements, including:

Amplify - a metabolism and energy booster

Restore - a sleep and longevity aid

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