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How was the TallyAge™ test built?Updated a month ago

The TallyAge™ Test was built using an in-house dataset that includes over 8,000 people, spans a chronological age range of 18-100 years, and represents diverse demographic groups. This unique set of data represents the largest DNA methylation adult cheek swab dataset ever generated. 

Methylation is a tool our cells use to control which parts of our DNA are accessible or restricted. By adding a small chemical called a methyl group (-CH3) to a specific DNA molecule, that region of DNA is now marked with a flag that can affect how much of a gene is produced. DNA methylation patterns change drastically over time and can be analyzed to make an age prediction.

With this data, we constructed TallyAge™ using a novel computational approach that maximizes reproducibility and incorporates lifestyle and health factors, such as exercise, alcohol consumption, and smoking behavior, among other factors. We encourage you to read our free publication.

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