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Can you provide evidence that each Restore ingredient improves sleep and extends lifespan and/or improves healthspan in animal models?Updated a month ago

Magnesium bisglycinate: decreases sleep onset latency time, is linked to a younger predicted age, and extends lifespan in a mouse model of accelerated aging. Magnesium bisglycinate is a unique form of magnesium capable of penetrating the blood-brain barrier.

  • Mah, J., Pitre, T. Oral magnesium supplementation for insomnia in older adults: a Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis. BMC Complement Med Ther 21, 125 (2021).

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  • Villa-Bellosta R. Dietary magnesium supplementation improves lifespan in a mouse model of progeria. EMBO Mol Med. 2020 Oct 7;12(10):e12423. doi: 10.15252/emmm.202012423. Epub 2020 Aug 16. PMID: 32875720; PMCID: PMC7539193.

L-theanine: L-theanine has been shown to improve various aspects of sleep, including sleep quality, sleep efficiency, and overall sleep satisfaction. It also improves cognitive function, extends lifespan, and improves aging biomarkers in model organisms.

  • Lyon MR, Kapoor MP, Juneja LR. The effects of L-theanine (Suntheanine®) on objective sleep quality in boys with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial. Altern Med Rev. 2011 Dec;16(4):348-54. PMID: 22214254.

  • Hidese S, Ogawa S, Ota M, Ishida I, Yasukawa Z, Ozeki M, Kunugi H. Effects of L-Theanine Administration on Stress-Related Symptoms and Cognitive Functions in Healthy Adults: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Nutrients. 2019; 11(10):2362.

  • Zarse, K., Jabin, S. & Ristow, M. L-Theanine extends lifespan of adult Caenorhabditis elegans . Eur J Nutr51, 765–768 (2012).

Apigenin: An active ingredient of chamomile extract, apigenin can relieve anxiety and improve mood. It can also increase longevity by inhibiting the NADase CD38 and indirectly elevating NAD+ levels, which targets the aging hallmark mitochondrial dysfunction.

  • Godos J, Ferri R, Castellano S, Angelino D, Mena P, Del Rio D, Caraci F, Galvano F, Grosso G. Specific Dietary (Poly)phenols Are Associated with Sleep Quality in a Cohort of Italian Adults. Nutrients. 2020; 12(5):1226.

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